New And Precise SCI-204-10938 Bodus Environmental Science With Lab

New And Precise SCI-204-10938 Bodus Environmental Science With Lab

week 4



Exercise 1. Evaluate the human population growth rates of any DEVELOPING COUNTRY in the world. Do not use China or India. We have discussed these in class already. Look at Chapters 8 and 9 for the definition of a “developing country”. Discuss the BR, fertility rates, migration patterns, DR, infant mortality, and any population dynamics.

Write an essay of 3-4 pages using APA format. Make sure you have a cover sheet and a reference page, and write your references as guided by the APA. Place your work in the Dropbox titled iLab in Week 4.

Exercise 2Evaluate the human population growth rates for FOUR different COUNTIES in YOUR STATE. Evaluate the population trends in each county (not country). Why are they different or the same? Expound on your reasons. List your sources.

Exercise 3. Rotary International is an organization that has many goals, one of which was/is to eliminate polio from the world’s human population. Give a brief history of this mission (one paragraph) and then give YOUR prediction about the world’s population’s growth if another condition/disease (you choose it) is eliminated from the human population worldwide. Include a population curve for the population WITH the condition and then a simultaneous curve on the same graph of the population WITHOUT the condition after 100 years. (Color code your two population curves.) Cut/paste the graph into the msword document for this week’s iLab. Include the sources of the original population density’s data.


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