New And Precise SCI

New And Precise SCI

SCI 1015 – Introduction to Life Science – Assignment

Week 8

The Case of the Dividing Cell Questions


Part I Questions:

1. What are the major events that occur during each of the stages in the life cycle of a cell such as a skin cell, i.e., Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, and Cytokinesis? Assume you are a court reporter that has to explain these stages to your readers with as little jargon as possible. (6 pts)

a. Interphase


b. Prophase


c. Metaphase


d. Anaphase


e. Telophase


f. Cytokinesis


2. How does cell division differ in prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Clearly, these differences may be difficult for the prokaryotes in the jury to follow unless you show the similarities and differences. (2 pts)


Part II Questions:

1. Record the stages of meiosis in eukaryotic cells realizing that there are two cell divisions involved, each having their particular terms and characteristics. (5 pts)

a. Interphase


b. Prophase I


c. Metaphase I


d. Anaphase I


e. Telophase I


f. Prophase II


g. Metaphase II


h. Anaphase II


i. Telophase II


j. Cytokinesis


2. List at least 3 key differences between mitosis and meiosis. (3 pts)




3. Crossover occurs between homologous pairs of chromosomes, but can it occur between two different chromosomes, say between #1 and #17? (2 pts)




4. Was it an evolutionary necessity that meiosis evolved at the same time as sexual reproduction? (2 pts)


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