New And Precise Science Module 2

New And Precise Science Module 2

A third successive year of California’s worst drought in a century has the Golden State’s reservoirs at record lows. Agriculture has been affected, hitting the local economy, while some small communities risk running out of water.

But business is booming in California’sOrange County Water District (OCWD), through a pioneering wastewater treatment facility that recycles used water — or sewage — and returns it to the drinking supply. The plant is expanding production from 70 to 100 million gallons per day, enough for 850,000 people, around one-third of the county population. As the OWCD output is mixed with the main groundwater supply it reaches over 70% of residents.

Discuss the following:

  • The pros and cons of using treated waste water for drinking water and agriculture
  • The process by which waste water is treated
  • Alternative solutions for areas heavily hit by drought
  • Where else waste water is treated and how the local population reacted

Make sure to:


  • Write a short essay or paragraph of at least 300 words.
  • Use concrete examples/details and avoid generalities.
  • Address all questions.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • If you researched your topic and are using information from what you learned, remember to cite your sources.
  • Do not plagiarize.

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