New And Precise Scientific Method Experiment

New And Precise Scientific Method Experiment

Lab Inquiry Report Checklist

Bio 123/ General Guidelines for the Written Report


Read the “How to Write A Lab Report” document. Then, after completing your experiment, Use this document to guide you in writing the report. Once you are done, use the following to doublecheck that you have included everything.



Introduction: this section is an overview of the background information needed to understand the question you will pose for your experiment. You should include enough facts and explanation so that the question is understandable. You will then provide a possible answer to this question in the form of a hypothesis. Be sure to refer to the “How to Write a Hypothesis” document. The following points should be addressed in this section:

What is the main topic?

What do we know about it? Explain at least four main facts underlying this topic.

What is the main question?

What is a possible answer to the question? Write this as a hypothesis.



Methods: this section should ONLY describe the materials you use and the experiment you perform. It should be written in first person and be thorough enough that someone else could exactly replicate your experiment.

Describe the experiment/research possibility

What materials will you need for this experiment?

What are the variables you will be looking at?

1. independent variables

2. dependent variables

How are you going to evaluate your data? Refer to the Lab 1.2: Graphing and Statistics Information for guidance


Additional: Upload a “selfie” of you with your experimental setup.



Results: in this section you only include the data and data analysis. Your raw data should be displayed in a table. The data should then be put into (at least) one graph to provide the reader with a visual of how the data are to be viewed as a whole with the different variables in relation to one another. If necessary, provide mathematical applications and/or statistics to better explain the data and support their validity. Be sure to answer the following in your report:

What did you find out?

1. Table of data

2. Statistics (if applicable)

3. Graph

Are the data valid? Why or why not?


Additional: Upload a “selfie” of you with the results of the experiment.




Discussion: This is the most important portion of your paper, and usually the one people put the least effort into. This is where you let the reader know what you found out, and what was the point of it all. Things to keep in mind as you write this section are:

What do the results mean?

Hypothesis supported or rejected? Why?

Were there any problems with the methods? What were they? How did these problems/issues affect the overall study?

If you had to do this again, what would you differently?

How do these results reveal answers to the initial question?

How does this affect the bigger picture?



Works Cited: In general, you need to give credit to the source of your information. Any source you use needs to be listed here, in proper format.


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