New And Precise Sustainability Studies Class ( Creating Dialog)1

New And Precise Sustainability Studies Class ( Creating Dialog)

I will attach the the assignment’s instructions. we are group of 4. we choose to do our dialogs about this story. there were small town and the people from this town is slowly disappeared because of many people are doing sustainability. so my character is the (member of city council man).


someone will interview me and I have to answer about these questions:

1. What is your occupation and how long have you lived here?

you can write about that I’m memeber of the city council in this Twon and I have been working for a … years. my duties are to ensure ………


2. What has your experience been in this town?
I will attach a file that you can get a quote from and talk about it as its related to sustainability.
also include weired stories that happened when someone killed and ………
and you can creat one more story
3. Share with me what you know about the strange events happening in this town. What is
just write about that one of the member of city council have been missed suddenly and no one knows about him. and you can make something up.
Essentially, for question 2 you can just find any quotes you want that answers the question for you.
For 2 you can just speak of what it’s like working in the town and all the weird things that happened to you. For 3 you just talk about the weird things that are happening around town and all your friends that went missing and what not.



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