New And Precise Term Paper On Coronavirus Pandemic.

New And Precise Term Paper On Coronavirus Pandemic.

Topic: Write a simple term paper on Coronavirus pandemic.


1. Write a paper from your major perspective, on how you would mitigate the spread of coronavirus through the population.

2. Mitigation means prevention or minimization.

3. For instance if your major is pre-law, you could write a simple paper on how you would use the law to compel people to stay home and/or wear face mast, least they are cited, fined, arrested, curfew, etc. If you are in medical field, you can write about vaccine, hand washing, etc

4. This paper could be as few as two pages, or more if you have a lot to say; there is no spacing requirement.

5. The real purpose here is to make you think of solutions to environmental or public health crisis from your career perspective. 

6. I have attached a template on how to write a college level paper

7. All papers must be submitted via blackboard email system.

8. The email Subject must read: “(Your Name), 2207-10620, your paper title”

9. Deadline for submission is December 12th, 11:59pm.

Note: Give this paper your honest to Goodness effort and you would score nothing less than 70 out of a 100pts.

Best, and remain safe.


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