New And Precise Test Question

New And Precise Test Question

ertificate Date :

Personal Identification Number



For General Tax Questions Contact KRA Call Centre Tel: +254 (020) 4999 999 Cell: +254(0711)099 999


PIN Certificate

This is to certify that taxpayer shown herein has been registered with Kenya Revenue Authority

Taxpayer Information

Taxpayer Name Winnie Mwendwa Kithinji

Email Address

Registered Address

Tax Obligation(s) Registration Details

Sr. No. Tax Obligation(s) Effective Date

1 Income Tax – Resident Individual 31/12/2009

L.R. Number : Building : LORESHO SPRINGS

Street/Road : WAIYAKI WAY City/Town : NAIROBI

County : Nairobi District : Westlands District

P. O. Box : 195 Postal Code : 60201

Tax Area : Kangemi Station : North of Nairobi*

The above PIN must appear on all your tax invoices and correspondences with Kenya Revenue Authority. Your accounting end date is 31st December as per the provisions stated in the Income Tax Act unless a change has been approved by the Commissioner-Domestic Taxes Department.The status of Tax Obligation(s) with ‘Dormant’ status will automatically change to ‘Active’ on date mentioned in “Effective Till Date” or any transaction done during the period. This certificate shall remain in force till further updated.

Disclaimer : This is a system generated certificate and does not require signature. * The station is subject to change based on the verification done by Commissoner.


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