New And Precise Tropical Cyclones Reflective Paper

New And Precise Tropical Cyclones Reflective Paper

Tropical Cyclones: The 2020 hurricane season has been one of the most active hurricane seasons in the historical record. Feel free to write about one particular storm in detail or an active overview of certain storms of the 2020 hurricane season. Please address the processes/mechanisms of these tropical cyclones and the social/economic/environmental consequences they have.

you must use at least five sources in the document. Your source must come from news articles published within the last five years(2015 to present) that support the topic, can be magazine, newspaper, or reputable websites. Use collegiate writing, paper must be a minimum of 600 words, not including the title page and reference section. A cover sheet, have a reference section, Times New Roman, 12-font, double spaced,1 inch margin all around .


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