New And Precise Week 2

New And Precise Week 2

1. Choose a common but sophisticated household appliance such as a refrigerator, a television set, or a washing machine. In 150 words Describe the life stages of the appliance, including identifying who is primarily responsible for the environmental concerns at each life stage. (include reference)


2. You are the leader of a project to design and manufacture a super-lightweight, high-performance bicycle. It will be made largely from honeycomb aluminum and carbon fiber and will be marketed in various sizes to fit children from age six up to adults. What are the principal challenges you anticipate at each step of the product realization process? Do this in 150 words ( include reference)


3. Select a wrench or other simple hand tool and, to the degree possible, evaluate it qualitatively for each of its “Design for X” features. In 150 Words including reference if any


4. Discuss in 150 words options for packaging of the following consumer products: motor oil, grapefruit juice, toothpaste, magazines, shirts, decongestant tablets.include reference


5. Review the LEED Project Checklist. In 200 words Which five of the items seem most important to you? Defend your choices.


6. You are the engineer in charge of two office building designs–one in the American Southwest, where there is very little rain and hot temperatures for much of the year, and one in British Columbia, where it is frequently rainy and foggy, and winter, the longest season, is quite cold. How good is the guidance provided by the LEED green building standards in each case? How could you make this better? In 150 words


7.Research the stages of the process life cycle, recycling, and infrastructure based on your chosen industrial sector. Oil and Gas


Write a 200 words introduction that addresses issues relevant to the stages of the process life cycle, design for recycling, and types of infrastructure as it pertains to your chosen industry.


Include a detailed narrative of the following:

· The stages of the process life cycle

· The approaches for reuse and recycling used in your chosen area

· The effectiveness of each reuse and recycling approach

· Differing types of infrastructure within the sector


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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