New And Precise What Is The Exposome And How Does It Influence Human Health?

New And Precise What Is The Exposome And How Does It Influence Human Health?

Week 4: E-response to Roberts, Samatar, and Seeker

For this week’s e-response, please read the pieces by Jody Roberts

Actions and Sofia Samatar, Actionswatch the short video by Seeker (Links to an external site.), and respond to the following questions:

1.  What is the exposome and how does it influence human health?  How has scientist Michael Snyder been studying the exposome (what methods did he use) and what has he found thus far?  Cite specific examples from the video.

2.  How did Jody Roberts’ relationship with plastic evolve throughout his wife’s pregnancy and his daughter’s early life?  Why has this relationship been so challenging for him?  Roberts writes: “My search for answers to these questions, and my frustration in dealing with what I know and don’t know, is bound up in the larger, but more fundamental, question of how to live.”  What does he mean by this?

3.   In Sofia Samatar’s short story, who is the tender and what does she do?  Samatar weaves multiple narratives together in this piece.  Why do you think she used this braided story form?  How does the style of this piece affect your experience of the story?

4.  What connections do you notice between these three pieces and William Cronon’s “The Trouble with Wilderness” essay from last week?

Your e-response must be at least 400 words total.  Thank you!


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