New And Prompting Tesselatons

New And Prompting Tesselatons

In this assignment you will apply transformations: translation, reflection, rotation, and dilation. You will be creating a tessellation similar to the work of M.C. Escher.

There are three parts to the assignment:

Part 1: Create the original template

Part 2: Tessellate your template

Part 3: Write a letter to your friend


Scoring Guide – 50 Points Possible

Points Received Points Possible  
    The original template – 5 pts.
  5 Evidence shown demonstrates student understands how to create the template for the tessellation from a 3in x 3in square.
    Tessellation – 15 pts.
  15 Evidence of student correctly performing the tessellation is clear.
    Creativity – 5 pts.
  5 Tessellation and template are creative, colorful, and original.
  Letter to Friend – Content – 20 pts.
  5 Explain what a transformation is.
  5 Explain what the different types of transformations are and provide examples of each.
  5 Explain what a tessellation is and give an example.
  5 Explain why we make a tessellation and how it applies to transformations.
    Letter to Friend – Conventions – 5 pts.
  5 Letter is formatted as a letter and uses correct MLA format, spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.



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