News Relating to Microbiology 

News Relating to Microbiology 

Access the following site  Once you are in, look across the top menu tab, click on ‘News’, from the navigation bar to the left, scroll down to ‘Health & Medicine’, click to access, again, look to the left and scroll down to ‘Infectious Diseases’, click on that and you will open the page ‘Top Articles’. Select an article you like to read and discuss; you can also read related articles shown on the side of the main article. For more article choices, go to the bottom of the page and select next page until you can find one.

After you read through all the materials you want, write a short report (in your own words) to relay the contents of the news to the rest of the class and also express your own opinion.

two paragraphs using APA formatting and at least two references:


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