NSG4074 – Week 3 Discussion

Health Risks, Disasters, and Nursing

Choose ONE of the two discussion topics below, using information from the lectures, reading assignments, library resources, and Internet resources. All responses should be posted to the appropriate topic in the Discussion Area.

Topic 1: Child and Adolescent Health Risks

As you discovered in this week\’s lectures and readings, several populations face multiple health risks across their lifespan. Children and adolescents are a population that is at a higher health risk for obesity. A national movement is underway to reduce risk factors for developing obesity in children. Part of this movement is the \”Let\’s Move!\” campaign, which is a comprehensive and coordinated initiative to prevent childhood obesity. The initiative emphasizes four primary components: healthy schools, access to affordable and healthy food, raising children\’s physical activity levels, and empowering families to make healthy choices.

Review Healthy People 2020. Identify objectives that will combat childhood and adolescent obesity.

Provide suggestions on how community health nurses can contribute to these national health objectives and accomplish the goal of decreasing obesity among this population.

Topic 2: Disaster Management

Contact your local public health department to learn about its role in a local disaster, including the role of the nurses who work there.

Would you be a good candidate to serve on a disaster team?

Would your current employer be flexible in allowing you to participate in a disaster situation?

What is your personal preparedness to face a disaster?

Citations should conform to APA guidelines.


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