Nursing Research, statistical methods

Nursing Research, statistical methods

This week we are discussing some of the most commonly used statistical tests to evaluate the implementation of research into practice (these tests are also often used for research itself…). Select one of the tests covered this week and provide an example of how it might be used to evaluate the results of the implementation of nursing research in practice. Be as specific as you can be with your example,

(a) provide an underlying research question that would be the basis of the project,

(b) describe the independent variable and how it will be measured – including the level of data which would be used for this variable,

(c) comment on if a pre/post test design would be used, and (d) note how the dependent variable would be measured – including the level of data you would use (this response can be in bullet points, so your initial response should only be one-two short paragraphs.)


Statistic tests covered this week t-test, Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test ,paired t test and wilcoxon matched-pairs signed rank test, Independent t test and the Mann-Whitney U Test. The chi-square.



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