objective method known for acquiring knowledge

Question 1

_____ is the most objective method known for acquiring knowledge.

Select one:

a. Observational research

b. The scientific method

c. A pilot study

d. A case study

Question 2

_____ perception is the capacity to perceive and respond to stimuli presented below the threshold of awareness.

Select one:

a. Subliminal

b. Extrasensory

c. Synesthetic

d. Abnormal

Question 3

_____, produced by the _____ gland(s), plays a role in activating the _____ nervous system.

Select one:

a. Testosterone; gonads; central

b. Epinephrine; adrenal; sympathetic

c. Epinephrine; adrenal; parasympathetic

d. Progesterone; pituitary; sympathetic

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