Obtaining Real Property

   Topic: Obtaining Real Property

Thesis statement:   Obtain a real property is a risk taking business, Therefore one is required to make sure that the risks are minimized by doing a thorough survey on the real property.


    I.            Introduction

    II.            Valuation

                  Ø  Find out, how much the property worth is.

                  Ø  Assess, at what percentage is the value in the market for the same property

    III.            Real Property license appraisal

                   Ø  Find out how property license appraisal is acquired

                   Ø  Find out if the property was acquired legally

                   Ø  Look at the agreement between the owner and the national land act

   IV.            Make final decision on how and when to obtain the real property

    V.            Conclusion

  complete and submit the rough draft of this  paper!!!!


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