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  Type of paper Research Proposal
  Subject Medicine and Health
  Number of pages 5
  Format of citation APA
  Number of cited resources  5
  Type of service  Writing

Writing and  Submission Requirements Length:    1500 words, minimum  Format:    formal report (see instructions for details), APA style for  citations and bibliography  Submission:  Submit to Canvas as ONE file in .doc or .docx format.  Name  the file/s using your first and last name + the name of the assignment  (e.g.: AllieGatorProposal.docx)     Assignment Instructions Your supervisor read through your report about apps that could be used  and would like you to prepare a formal proposal for the board. For this  assignment, you will propose the implementation of a particular app. It  can be 1) an app that already exists, 2) an app that exists but needs  some additional elements, or 3) an app that you imagine needs to be  created.  In professional settings, an internal proposal argues for adopting  workplace innovation or amending current practice. Though the  requirements can be described in different ways, the global structure of  proposals is virtually always the same: Problem to Solution. You must  first define a significant problem and then explain a feasible solution.  Another very important requirement is that you establish the  significance of the problem and the benefits associated with the  solution. Completing a proposal means assessing current options,  providing criteria for choosing a solution, making a specific  recommendation, proposing an implementation schedule, and creating an  evaluation plan that measures success of the project. The first part of  that, you may recognize, is what you began in the research report.  Here is some additional information to consider when choosing your app:  1) If your app already exists, follow the details of the assignment  attached above.  2) If your app exists but needs modifications, include in your report  exactly which modifications need to be made, how you expect them to look  and work, and how you will request from the software manufacturer to  make those modifications. This information is integrated into the  details of the assignment as described in the attachment.  3) If an appropriate app does not exist, you will need to imagine one.  You must include a mock-up drawing or visualization of the app and its  screens. You can imagine that the organization′s IT team will develop  it, or you can research software companies to make it and include your  recommendation on that within the recommendation for the app itself.   Suggestions for success: Write your executive summary last since it summarizes the whole project. To make different page numbers (some as Roman numerals and others as  Arabic numerals), don′t choose automatic page numbering. Just open the  header and format the page numbers manually. Use parts of your research report in the recommendation section, if  applicable. It′s normal (and efficient) to reuse what has been written  when you′re building onto previous information like this series of  assignments. In some fields, it is necessary to acknowledge this (which  is why the instructions include a statement to put in your paper if you  do reuse parts of the report), while in others it is not necessary for  documents produced in-house. This is one of those things you′ll have to  learn once you′re in your profession. When in doubt, ask a professional  or your supervisor; you don′t want to commit self-plagiarism.


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