Overview of the reasons behind the choice of therapies

Assessment Description: You have studied various modalities in this module: Person Centered, Existential, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioural, etc. Please select two modalities studied so far that you believe align with your personality and counselling style. You are required to identify and critically evaluate your choices in terms of their concepts and interventions. You essay must include: • Presentation of the chosen therapies – explanation of how problems are understood and change occurs within each therapy; • Overview of the reasons behind your choices – explanation why the chosen therapies resonate with you; ? Overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each therapy. This paper will contain a formal introduction and conclusion and the main points will be presented with subheadings. The entire paper will be referenced according to the JNI academic guidelines. A reference list must be provided. A minimum of 10 reference sources will be drawn on. Assessment Marking Matrix: Max. in category Your points Presentation and critique of chosen approaches 10 Overview of the reasons behind the choice of therapies 10 Links to theories and concepts. 10 Word count, readability, and structure. 5 Number and choice of appropriate references. Correct referencing style: in-text references and reference list. 5 Total: 40


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