To utilize the Patient Teaching Plan (developed in a prior assignment) to create a Visual Teaching Tool to educate the selected patient population about the selected health topic


Option #2 – Educational Brochure (Using Microsoft Word)


  1. Open Microsoft Word, and select create a New document.Under the Education option, select Education Brochure. This will provide you with a blank tri-fold brochure template. You can change the design, insert graphics, and create text as you wish.
  2. The goal of this Educational Brochure is to address the three learning outcomes you developed in the Patient Teaching Plan. Once the learner has viewed your Educational Brochure, all three of the learning objectives should have been met.
    For Example:
    If a learning objective in the Patient Teaching Plan is: “At the end of this education, the learner will be able to demonstrate the proper way to wear a bike helmet,” then there should be content in your Educational Brochure related to how to properly wear a bike helmet.
  3. Tips for a great educational brochure:
    For Example:

    • Be creative! Choose a design (from the design tab of the PowerPoint presentation) to enhance visual appeal.
    • Incorporate graphics, clip art, or photographs to increase interest.
    • Use words and phrases suitable for your selected population.
    • Avoid writing paragraphs. Use simple sentences and bullet points.
    • Cite all sources used to create the educational content with (author, year).
    • Proofread for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission.
    •  You must use the Patient Teaching Plan you have developed in this course to create your Visual Teaching Tool

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