Penis size

The topic: Penis size. Does it matter?

Argument: Penis size does not matter when pleasing women.



The argument paper should begin with a one-to-three-sentence statement of the main thesis and should be 5-7 pages long.. It should clearly state your position. Your argument paper should primarily present your beliefs or conclusions related to the topic. It should include references.




A Crash Course on Argument Papers


-Select an issue or dilemma of interest.


-Review the pertinent literature.


-Decide on your “argument”; take a stance.


-Articulate your argument in a thesis statement.


-Summarize the issues; demonstrate an understanding of the controversy.


-Defend/argue in favor of your argument using all resources available.


-Finish with a strong summary statement that reinforces your thesis.


-Proofread your work; use grammar/spellcheck functions.


-Revise; submit final draft.


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