Performance Management

Performance Management

A well-designed performance management system will link to an organization’s systems, such as the strategic planning process, total rewards (a.k.a. total compensation), employee training and development, succession planning, and HRIS. In addition, there are many different approaches to performance management. Although one would like to assume that there is a “best way”, the organization needs to evaluate the cost and benefits of their plans. Elements of a performance management plan include goal setting, performance review, and performance improvement plans.


Discussion Question?

Non-HR Perspective: One of the reasons for failure of a performance management process is that managers lack the basic skills to manage the performance of their employees which include provide feedback, set goals, and monitor performance. Reflecting on your readings and research, what can you do to ensure a successful performance management process?


In developing your response, you want to consider some of the following elements: Strategic goals, feedback do’s and don’ts, methods, ethical issues, and risks.


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