Personal improvement-Weight loss

Submit a 5-page report of your personal improvement project, not counting tables, graphs, diagrams, and charts.
Address the following: Write on a data that was collected over 4weeks.

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Part 1: Aim
Clearly state the aim of your project.
Part 2: Process Analysis
Consider the process leading to the results that you aimed to improve. Create a process map to identify the steps in the process and identify the people (other than you) who were involved in the process.
Part 3: Measurement
Describe the data collection method used, including an explanation of what you measured and how. Be specific.
Present the data in a table, graph, diagram, run chart, or XmR chart.
Part 4: Changes
Explain the changes you made based on the data. What worked? What didn’t work?
Part 5: Reflection and Application
Reflect on your personal improvement project and what you learned.
Explain how you will maintain ongoing improvement in this area long-term.
Explain how you could use knowledge from this experience to facilitate both a unit-level and an organization-level change in a nursing workplace. Be specific and provide examples.
Please include graphs and charts


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