Pharmaceutical industry wastewater

The research project is designed to gather and report information for 7-8 pages



Pharmaceutical industry wastewater:


Pharmaceutical compounds are typically produced in batch processes leading to the presence of a wide variety of products in wastewaters which are generated in different operations, wherein copious quantities of water are used for washing of solid cake, or extraction, or washing of equipment. The presence of pharmaceutical compounds in drinking water comes from two different sources: production processes of the pharmaceutical industry and common use of pharmaceutical compounds resulting in their presence in urban and farm wastewaters.


The first expectation is the life circle of the Pharmaceutical industry wastewater, how it begins and how it is ends. Why the wastewater is coming out from the pharmaceutical produce process.


The second expectation is to find out the case of Pharmaceutical industry wastewater problem, like different region or different country which kind of problem will occurs because of Pharmaceutical industry wastewater.


The third part is try to figure out these problem or explain each case problem how they solve or try to collect the data about the Pharmaceutical industry wastewater and give a good suggestion or solution to due with these problems.


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