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Case 2, select a company that has gone public in the last few years on an organized exchange anywhere in the world. Prepare a typewritten paper, double spaced, no longer than 3 pages plus bibliography listing sources of information. Include as many exhibits as you wish. Issues you should include in the case are: 1. Introduction of company. What business is the company in? When was the company established? When did the company go public? Why did the company decide to go public? 2. What exchange lists the stock? Why did the company decide to list on that exchange. What is stock symbol? 3. Who was the investment banker? Why did the company choose that investment banker? Was IPO done on an underwritten or best efforts basis? How much was paid to the investment banker? 4. How many shares were issued? What portion of the company did insiders retain? 5. What was the offer price per share? How was the offer price decided? How much money was raised? 6. Has stock price changed since IPO? What was the price at end of first day? Estimate the amount of money left on the table? What is current price? 7. What did the company use the money for? 8. Anything else that you think is interesting about the IPO WHEN YOU REPLY TO ME LET ME KNOW WHAT COMPANY YOU WILL DO AND WHY.


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