Podcasts can be an entertaining way to learn about history

DIRECTIONS: Podcasts can be an entertaining way to learn about history. This is an individual assignment designed to expose you to a new historical topic that you might not otherwise learn much about in a history class. Before you complete this assignment, you must listen to ONE of the podcast episodes listed below. When you finish listening to your chosen podcast episode, you must answer the questions below. Please use this sheet and TYPE your answers.

Choose ONE podcast episode:

1. Race, Politics, and Chaos in the Capitol: The Election of 1876: https://digpodcast.org/2021/01/07/election-of-1876/2 .

2. Hard Times: A History of Unemployment: https://www.backstoryradio.org/shows/hard-times3 .

3. The Black Panther Party and the Free Breakfast Program: Feeding a Movement: https://digpodcast.org/2020/07/19/black-panther-party/

Answer the following questions about the podcast episode:

1. What is the topic of the podcast episode, and what podcast is it from?[INSERT ANSWER HERE]

2. Briefly summarize the podcast episode (4 to 5 sentences).[INSERT ANSWER HERE]

3. List FIVE interesting things you learned from the podcast about the topic that you didn’t know before.[INSERT ANSWER HERE]

4. Was there anything from the podcast episode about the topic that you already knew? If so, what?[INSERT ANSWER HERE

]5. What is ONE question you have about the topic that was not answered by the podcast?[INSERT ANSWER HERE]

6. How did the podcast change or add to your understanding of U.S. history?[INSERT ANSWER HERE]

7. Compared with more traditional methods of learning history (listening to lecture, reading a textbook, etc.), how useful do you think history podcasts are? Is there anything you get from the podcast that you couldn’t get from a more traditional method?[INSERT ANSWER HERE]

8. Would you recommend this podcast to somebody else interested in history? Why or why not?[INSERT ANSWER HERE

]9. Would you recommend that I incorporate podcasts into my future history courses? Why or why not?[INSERT ANSWER HERE]


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