political science 220 albert jay nock and rothbard



Page Requirement: (5-7 with a works cited/endnotes page)

Citation Requirement: MLA

Film Requirements: Film must NOT be about the United States. While several styles of film may work, documentaries and historical dramas tend to be the most useful for this type of work. Try to make sure the film has enough of a specific story that it can be analyzed. 

Writing Expectations: The goal of this assignment is to apply the conceptual work of the State we have done in class (Nock , Rothbard) to a specific State, as represented in a film. While you will NOT need to use outside sources, you MUST use direct quotations from Nock AND Rothbard in your analysis. More specifically, you must identify three of these concepts in relation to the film:

•Ideology: The rulers of a State create a system of beliefs to secure the active or resigned acceptance of the majority of the citizens. 

•Creation of Economic Interests: The State uses the fruits of conquest and taxation to create dependent interest groups who will justify its existence. 

•Guilt: The State condemns all acts against it as selfish or wrong.

•Regulation/Discipline: the State creates a massive bureaucracy to watch and police its citizen’s behaviors and ideas. 

•Fear: The State creates a sense of crisis to make people loyal.

Analytical Approach: The best way to do a critical analysis is to watch the film through first while taking notes. During your second and third viewings of the film, pick out scenes that seem to best represent the ideas that you need to talk about for the essay.

Writing Approach: 

-Begin with a thesis statement. What elements mentioned above are you going to talk about in relation to the film? Put them up front.

-Once you have your scenes chosen, follow a summary/analysis pattern:

oSummarize the scene (write as if your audience hasn’t seen the movie)

oAnalyze the scene (tell your audience WHY the scene represents the concept you are talking about, using direct quotes from Nock and Rothbard to enhance your argument.

-Conclude the Essay by summarizing WHY this film shows how Nock’s theory of the State works.





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