positioning of product (Marketing)

can you do positioning for this product

Identification of the Product 

Our team has come up with the idea of having a new game console called Tri-Play first generation. This console will have all the latest features and the unique feature of have a three disk changer and is compatible with any video game disc. This system is the first of its kind because there are no other game consoles out there that can hold more than one game disk at a time or is compatible with all other console game disk. For the other features the Tri-Play first generation will have is things that are common in the industry for consoles. These common trends that the Tri-Play first generation will have is blu-ray, internet/wifi capable, camera , app store, motion sensors, wireless controller, and memory cards.

This system will save you time and energy while enjoying your favorite games. Knowing that people tend to have a certain selected few games that they play more than others, this game  system makes it easier for them to change in between a person’s favorite games without the labor. Another advantage is that now you don’t have to stress about games you might want not being available for your console. The Tri-Play first generation allows a person to their old games as well

This is the perfect product for the generation we live in today.


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