Practical Application

Practical Application

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Class, this is a two-part forum. Part 1 draws on information in Chapter 12 of authors Narissa, Puntanunt-Carter and Thweatt, Interpersonal Communication: A Mindful Approach to Relationships. Part I Based on the reading this week in the lessons take a look at the following questions. Social media platforms provide individuals with increased opportunities to engage in online discussions. How does social mediated communication benefit interpersonal communication? How does it harm interpersonal communication? How does your relationship with the person you are communicating with (or the lack of such a relationship) impact your social mediated communication style? How does the anonymity of social mediated communication impact communication styles? How has social mediated communication impacted society as a whole? More specifically, how has social media impacted society? How do past social mediated interactions influence your future decisions concerning mediated communication? What factors do you consider when posting something on social media? What aspects of netiquette do you practice the most when communicating online? Part II Please share an example of something you learned in the classroom and were able to apply to a current situation in your life. Also, include any parting thoughts on the course or classmates. Make sure to reply to two other students as well! Take care and best of luck in your academic future! You are expected to participate during the current week\’s discussion. Contact your instructor in cases of emergency or uncontrollable circumstances.


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