Practicum – Client Termination Summary

Assignment 1: Practicum – Client Termination Summary
Learning Objectives
Students will:
• Develop client termination summaries
To prepare:
• For guidance on writing a Client Termination Summary, review pages 693–712 of the Wheeler text in this week’s Learning Resources.
• Identify a client who may be ready to complete therapy.
The Assignment
With the client you selected in mind, address the following in a client termination summary (without violating HIPAA regulations):
• Identifying information of client (i.e., hypothetical name, age, etc.)
• Date initially contacted therapist, date therapy began, duration of therapy, and date therapy will end
• Total number of sessions, including number of missed sessions
• Termination planned or unplanned
• Presenting problem
• Major psychosocial issues
• Types of services rendered (i.e., individual, couple/family therapy, group therapy, etc.)
• Overview of treatment process
• Goal status (goals met, partially met, unmet)
• Treatment limitations (if any)
• Remaining difficulties and/or concerns
• Recommendations
• Follow-up plan (if indicated)
• Instructions for future contact
• Signatures


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