Practicum in Advanced Nursing Roles

Practicum in Advanced Nursing Roles

Weekly Journal Criteria:


Journals should be no longer than 3 pages and should incorporate ideas drawn from your professional goals, available evidence-based literature and your practicum experience.

The journals are meant to foster your growth in the advanced nursing role as a Nurse Practitioner; help provide feedback to your faculty and guidance for the remaining practicum hours.


Formatting the Reflection:

  • Typed
  • Do not type a title page
  • Please include your name and Date
  • No more than 3 pages double spaced
  • When you refer to the literature (2 professional resources/ Journal); please cite sources according to APA format
  • DO NOT use direct quotes from the literature.
  • Bibliography does not count in total page count
  • Include page numbers


Journal  Topics

Personal Objectives; Please describe how the objectives you selected will help you achieve the program outcomes for the MSN program as well as your career goals. Now that you have completed close to 50 hours do your goals need to be changed? Cite relevant literature as you reflect on these questions. Pick one give specific examples from your practicum experience.

Personal objective = To be able to assess and diagnose a patient effectively and efficiently in a timely manner.



Course Objectives; Refer to the course objectives outlined in the syllabus and reflect on how you are utilizing your practicum experience to meet those objectives. Pick one give specific examples


 NOPH Competencies -(2003)- See attachment under content

Please reflect on competency statements from this document, their relevance to you and their relationship to your practicum experience. Pick one give specific examples


Self-evaluation and long range goals: How has this practicum affected your role as a nurse practitioner? In what specific ways have you changed the ways you think or act in given situations. How do these changes reflect your objectives and the competencies set by AACN and CCNE?




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