Presentation and One Page Business Case

Presentation and One Page Business Case

Using the information gathered during the progress checks (annotated bibliography, comparative analysis, and interviews), create a two (2) – three (3) minute presentation of your initial assessment of the business case for use.

You will complete the following templates within OPAs to complete this portion of the deliverables:

  • One Page Business Case with a Comparison of Options
  • Business Case Initial Assessment Presentation

Use the guidance in the templates to complete each section.

For this time period’s deliverables, you will submit the following:

  • presentation
  • one-page business case with comparison options (should be no longer than one-page)
  • supporting research documents as an appendix
    • annotated bibliography
    • comparative analysis
    • practitioner summaries

Peer Reviews

Review team members’ presentations and one-page business cases. Perform an informal quality review of five (5) presentations. Your input will help PMO team members improve future deliverables.

Include in your response:

  • most important take away about the material
  • a positive remark about the format
  • a recommendation about the presentation
  • is this document ready for the sponsor/external reviewer

Use the Business Case Review Checklist within OPAs to conduct your review.


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