Project Managment

Project Managment

Question 1

Question text

As a project manager, you can always shorten the duration of the critical path by shifting resources to those tasks.

Select one:



Question 2

In order for any project to get approved in a business, it must support the increase of revenues.

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Question 3

For the network diagram shown, what is the critical path? (Select 1)

Select one or more:





Question 4

It is common for the critical path to shift through the execution of a project.

Select one:



Question 5

In a functional organizational structure: (select 2 or more)

Select one or more:

a. Staff will usually report to more than one boss.

b. Teams are organized according to the project they are working on.

c. Staff are organized by their job responsibility

d. Staff will usually become very specialized in their discipline

Question 6

Explain the differences between unit testing and system testing. Please include insight on who typically conducts each of these test types.

Question 7

Which of the following is an example of a systems development life cycle? (select 2 or more)

Select one or more:

a. Risk management model.

b. Incremental model.

c. Work breakdown structure.

d. Waterfall model.

Question 8

The Agile Manifesto values “Working software over comprehensive documentation”. Explain how this is in contrast to the predictive life cycle and the concept of tracking progress through task completion.

Question 9

Write a brief paragraph describing the systems development life cycle (SDLC) you recommend that your team use for the implementation phase for your project. Explain why you recommend this approach.

Question 10

Why should you always create a project charter at the start of a project (select 1 or more)?

Select one or more:

a. To get project team members aligned on the business value of the project and key success criteria.

b. Because it is important to identify clearly all of the tasks and milestones for the project before you start.

c. To ensure stakeholders in the organization have a clear understanding of the goals of the project.

Question 11

Scope management only applies to projects with an IT focus.

Select one:



Question 12

The primary contributor to cost for a software development project is: (select 1)

Select one or more:

a. Facilities, including desktop computers for development

b. Hardware for test and development

c. Software licenses

d. Labor

Question 13

For the defect histogram shown, what defects should we focus on addressing first? Use the Pareto principle. (Select 2 or more)

Select one or more:

a. User interface bug

b. Logic error

c. Database transaction

d. Network interruption

Question 14

If you were managing an agile development project, explain how you would build your work breakdown structure (WBS)

Question 15

For the project you selected to implement as a team (next term), identify three risks that could impact your ability to successfully deliver on your project goal. For each risk, indicate the following: (1) HIGH or LOW probability of occurring, (2) HIGH or LOW impact on the project.

Question 16

Traditional project manager’s use earned value management to track costs and task completion on a project. On an agile project, the project manager would use this similar chart: (select 1)

Select one or more:

a. Network dependency graph

b. Product backlog burndown chart

c. PERT chart

d. Work breakdown structure


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