Project: New product line for pharmaceutical company

My  research Paper topic is :

Project: New product line for pharmaceutical company

Our pharmaceutical company has tasked our group of 3 management personnel to take a newly developed product by R&D and launch to market. Our company primarily manufactures insulin for diabetic patients. Our product is a new way of administering insulin through a transdermal patch instead of the conventional injection. The research and development department of the company has developed a fabric patch that allows the slow and constant release of insulin transdermally into a diabetic patients. We are tasked to develop this untested product and follow through the project until it is on the market and able to sell.

We will have to patent, test, develop manufacturing and market this product.

I want somone to write  research paper in thesis Part :

1- Legal: *Patents

Patent infringement

Making a patent




Agreements with contractors

non-disclosure agreement.

*General legal assistance


R&D (research and Development )




I need to be :

1- Double Space .

2- Acadmic Level

3- cition or refrance

4- do not go out of the topic .

Thank you …


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