2. Describe in detail the relationships between the four levels of Nevada court system.

3. Describe Nevada executive system. How are the functions of the executive officials related?

4. How are the executive officials’ discipline? What are the similarities and differences between Nevada and federal executive disciplinary systems?

5. Describe some of the earliest forms of welfare. Why has social welfare been so controversial for much of American history? What event did the most to transform American attitudes toward poverty relief, and why?

6. Describe some of the tools that governments have used to conduct foreign policy. What is the role of diplomacy? What has been the influence of the United Nations since it was created? How has the United States used multilateral treaties and organizations to pursue its foreign policy objectives?

7. Describe some ways in which the federal bureaucracy can be rendered more democratically accountable. Discuss the challenge of bureaucratic accountability. What is oversight? What are some possible ways in which the president can gain more control of the bureaucracy?

8. Explain in detail the Nevada judicial disciplinary system.

9. Explain the basic structure of the federal judicial system. Describe the three different levels of federal courts. How are the lower courts created? What was the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court?


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