PSY 101 Ch 12 MCQs

Most research on the effectiveness of psychotherapy supports which of these conclusions?
Question 1 options:

People who receive no treatment improve most.

People who receive psychotherapy improve most.

Psychotherapy is just as effective as no treatment.

No general conclusions can be drawn from the research.
A form of biological therapy in which electrodes are placed on a person’s temples and strong electric shocks are then delivered to the brain.
Question 2 options:

Prefrontal lobotomy.

Antidepressant therapy.

Electroconvulsive therapy.

Drug therapy.
For sever depression, _____ is often the choice after other methods have failed
Question 3 options:


an increase in the number of psychotherapists.

electroconvulsive therapy.

anti-psychotic drug therapy.
isa’s therapist helped her overcome her fear of enclosed spaces by having her imagine being in gradually smaller and smaller rooms while she kept her body relaxed and her breathing slow. Lisa was probably undergoing
Question 4 options:


Gestalt therapy.

systematic desensitization.

aversive therapy.
Therapies based on the principles of learning are
Question 5 options:

person centered therapies.

psychoanalytic therapies.

Gestalt therapies.

behavioral therapies.
Lithium is used to treat
Question 6 options:

paranoid delusions.


obsessive-compulsive disorders.

bipolar disorders.
Synthetic drugs with antianxiety effects are also known as __________.
Question 7 options:

major tranquilizers

minor tranquilizers

lowered coefficient tranquilizers

tardive dyskinesia reducers
The avoidance of anxiety is to intense emotional feelings for the therapist as
Question 8 options:

transference is to resistance.

resistance is to transference.

conscience is to ego ideal.

ego ideal is to conscience.
A serious side-effect of many antipsychotic medications involving the loss of motor control, especially in the face is
Question 9 options:

a hallucination.

tardive dyskinesia.

Tourette’s syndrome.

__________ therapies are based on the principles of learning
Question 10 options:




The minor tranquilizers, such as the benzodiazepines, Valium, Ativan, Xanax, and Librium are given for
Question 11 options:


bipolar mood disorders.


anxiety disorders.
Which of the following is an example of anti-psychotic drugs?
Question 12 options:




Recent research has indicated that cognitive therapies may be highly effective in treating __________.
Question 13 options:




anxiety disorders
Setting up a system in a clinical hospital which involves clients earning points for appropriate behaviors that can be exchanged for privileges such as listening to the radio and renting a video tape is an example of
Question 14 options:

systematic desensitization.

a token economy.


reciprocal inhibition.
In psychoanalysis, intense emotional feelings of love or hate toward the patient on the part of the analyst is called
Question 15 options:




_____________are based on the assumption that abnormal behavior derives primarily from the complex imbalance of hidden, inner forces.
Question 16 options:

Psychodynamic therapies

Behavioral therapies

Cognitive therapies

Social cognition therapies
Which of the following is the most important predictor of successful therapy?
Question 17 options:

how long the therapy lasts

the insight that the therapy provides the client

the bond between the therapist and the client

whether the therapist and client are matched by gender
One major drawback of classical Freudian psychoanalysis is that it
Question 18 options:

does not take unconscious wishes into account.

puts too much emphasis on biological factors.

doesn’t appeal to articulate, intelligent people.

is generally very time-consuming and expensive.



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