Article Analysis

Article: The PTSD Toolkit for Nursing: Assessment, Intervention, and Referral of Veterans

Background: With an increase in veterans in the patient population, nurses need to be familiar with PTSD symptoms and resources to best serve their patients. Read the assigned article and think about how the assessments and interventions described can also be applied to other patient populations as well. As nurses with various backgrounds, we also have to recognize that stress and traumatic events in our own lives and careers can impact our ability to practice safely. While this article specifically discusses Nurse Practitioners, the Registered Nurse is also responsible for assessing and intervening (or recommending interventions). Once you have read the article, answer the following questions.

1. What are some of the main causes of PTSD for military members and how do they manifest in these individuals?

2. Describe the main symptoms expressed by patients with PTSD.

3. What are the recommended interventions for patients with PTSD symptoms?

4. How can the nurse motivate patients to seek treatment?

5. What resources are available for individuals with PTSD?

6. How could you use the information from the article to identify, assess, and care for a patient with PTSD?


8-10   points


Answer   is thorough and provides supportive evidence from the article.

5-7   points

Needs   Improvement

Answer   does not provide enough supportive evidence and is lacking in depth and   thoughtfulness.

0-4   points

Significant   Errors

Answer   is missing components; no supportive evidence presented

Total   Points:


(10pts   each section)


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