Purnell model theory for cultural competency

Criteria for Content
Review literature regarding issues or concerns within your selected nurse practitioner specialty.
Select a theory or model which is relevant to your nurse practitioner specialty and would offer a meaningful context for evidence-based practice surrounding the issue or concern which you identified.
In a PowerPoint Presentation, address the following.
Introduction to the presentation
Identify and describe a theory or model and explain its relevance to your nurse practitioner specialty.
Describe an issue or concern that is related to your nurse practitioner specialty, and explain its impact on health care outcomes
Explain how the theory or model can be used as a framework to guide evidence-based practice to address the issue or concern, and discuss the unique insight or perspective offered through the application of this theory or model.
Conclusion to the presentation

Preparing the presentation
Submission Requirements
Application: Use Microsoft Word 2013™ to create the PowerPoint presentation.
Length: The PowerPoint presentation must be 7 total slides (excluding title and reference slides). The Kaltura presentation should be between 5-15 minutes.
Please use the Kaltura feature available in your classroom to record and submit your presentation. Additional instructions on Kaltura can be found under Course Resources.
Speaker notes should be used and include in-text citations when applicable. Submit PowerPoint with speaker notes as an attachment to the Dropbox.
A minimum of three (3) scholarly literature sources must be used.
Submission: Submit your PowerPoint file to the Week 7 Dropbox.
Upload your Kaltura presentation to the Week 8 threaded discussion.
Best Practices in Preparing the Presentation
The following are best practices in preparing this presentation:
Review directions thoroughly.
Follow submission requirements.
Make sure all elements on the grading rubric are included.
Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal, scientific writing.
Review the Creating a Professional Presentation located in Course Resources.
Review the Kaltura directions located in Course Resources.
Ideas and information that come from scholarly literature must be cited and referenced correctly.
A minimum of three (3) scholarly literature sources must be used.


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