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Read according to the case and answer the following questionsNetflix Case pdf.pdf :                                                                     

Netflix Case Questions

  1. A brand is limited by the categories in which it competes. If the category becomes less relevant or irrelevant the brands decline as well. Identify the opportunities and threats facing traditional retailers like Blockbuster. Analyze the dynamics of this retail movie industry that led to the demise of Blockbuster and the growth of the new distribution models for brands like Netflix.
  2. Analyze the brand, product, pricing, and distribution decisions that created problems for Netflix and the Qwickster brand. How did this marketing mix affect the Netflix brand image in consumers’ minds? What would you have done differently?
  3. Discuss the various forms of competition for Netflix (post-Blockbuster), including Redbox as well as digital brands. What are the POPs and PODs for Netflix in the kiosk market? What are the POPs and Pods in the digital market? What are some opportunities and threats for the Netflix brand in this digital environment?


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