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1.Why is it important to understand historical perspectives on terrorism?


2. Briefly explain how movements, with legitimate concerns, may evolve to become political extremist. Why?


3. Are all extremist beliefs inherently wrong and unneccessary, or are they sometimes correct and necessary? At what point should they be understood rather than rejected?


4. If terrorism and guerrilla warfare are examples of “poor man’s warfare”, in your opinion are they therefore necessary and understandable options? If so, why? If not, why?


5. What are “terrorist proxies”? Explain how countries use these proxies. Why they do so? Discuss potential benefits enjoyed by sponsors who use such proxies. Discuss potential risk


6. Briefly discuss the motivations behind “lone wolf” acts of political violence


7. Compare the differences between an Islamic jihad  and a christian crusade. What is the modern perception of what Jihad is? How have groups like Al Qaeda used Jihad to justify what they do?


8. Discuss the significance of the classical idealogical continuum for the analysis of potlitical extremism in the modern world. Is this continuum useful for evaluating the nature of the New Terrorism? If so, How?  If not, how not?


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