Reducing Work-Related Stress

Reducing Work-Related Stress

For the Unit VI Reflection Paper, you will begin by completing the self-assessment located here. This is the same self-assessment

that was included within the Unit I Non-Graded Learning Activity.

From this self-assessment, develop a stress mitigation plan for yourself. What lessons learned from your own stress

evaluation can you apply to current workplace practices? Include some effective emotional and physical coping

mechanisms that you believe would work in this particular situation in your stress mitigation plan. Additionally, think of a time

in your workplace where diversity or ethics were in the spotlight. Was this more or less stressful for you and the


Your reflection paper should be a minimum of two pages in length. Use your textbook and at least one outside resource to

support your reflection paper. All sources, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced according to APA standards.

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.


Instructions: Complete the following sections by thinking critically about your experiences and habits.

1. Over the past seven days, how many MINUTES did you spend on each of the following activities?

a.     Engaging in leisurely reading:

b.     Engaging in leisurely Internet activities:

c.     Writing in a journal:

d.     Engaging in classroom educational activities (e.g., GED, college):

e.     Engaging in educational activities outside of the classroom (e.g., homework, report writing, research):

f.      Participating in recreational sports activities (e.g., soccer, basketball, softball):

g.     Participating in recreational fitness activities (e.g., running, weight lifting):

h.     Receiving a professional massage or engaging in whirlpool/water therapy:

i.      Attending religious services:

j.      Praying outside of religious services:

k.     Volunteering time to help a person or organization in need:

l.      Having face-to-face contact with family (e.g., spouse, children, parents, siblings):

m.   Communicating with family (e.g., phone, e-mail, video, chat):

n.     Communicating with friends (include contact with new friends):

o.     Communicating with a professional therapist (e.g., routine, post-trauma debriefs):

2. Over the past seven days, how healthy was your diet?

a.     Enter the number of caffeinated drinks that you consumed over the past seven days:

b.     Enter the number of packs of cigarettes that you consumed over the past seven days:

c.     Enter the number of containers of smokeless tobacco that you consumed over the past seven days:

d.     Enter the total number of hours of sleep you have had for the past seven days:

3. Over the past seven days, how have you dealt with anxiety?

a.      Have you used sleep medication during the past seven days?

b.      Have you used prescription medication to control stress or anxiety during the past seven days?


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