Report on the performance/Marketing

In this assignment you are required to prepare a report on the performance/marketing activities of a brand in terms of marketing mix and positioning as well as the branding of the brand. Overview: 1. Choose a brand of your preference. 2. Choose one concept from each of the marketing mix and discuss it in the context of that brand. For example, if you choose product as one element of marketing mix, you could discuss any of the product related concepts in relation to your chosen brand. So, you could connect it with product life cycle, different levels of product and so on. One concept is enough. Similarly, for price, you could discuss pricing strategies in the context of that brand or pricing tactics and so on. You should follow similar approach for Promotion and Place. So, choose ONE concept from each of the four Ps and discuss it one by one with respect to the brand that you have chosen. 3. In the discussion you are expected to provide support to your argument based on either research and/or theory discussed in the lecture and/or real case study about that brand. For example, if you propose that the product is at a mature stage of the product life cycle, you must provide justification for your statement. 4. Once the four Ps are discussed, the second part of the report is about positioning of the brand and how prominent the brand is in the mind of the consumers. 5. The last section of the report should be about your recommendation based on your findings in relation to four Ps, Positioning and Branding. 6. The recommendation should be specific and must include rationale. 7. A report generally has an executive summary but since the word limit is only 1200 words, you can combine the executive summary and introduction as one small section. Further Guidelines: 1. Number of references needed – at least 4 journal articles or book reference. 2. Be succinct and don’t waste word space in defining or describing the concept in detail. Assume that the reader knows about the concepts. 3. You must reference the articles that you have selected following Harvard Referencing Guide. 4. Follow a report format – a. Executive summary + Introduction b. Marketing mix – one by one. c. Positioning and Branding. d. Recommendations 5. The word limit is 1200 words. If you are above the limit to some extent, about 20%, it is fine 6. Assignments must be submitted through FLO. There will be a folder on flo for the assignment submission. 7. Only one assignment per group is needed. 8. Make sure you list all the members of the your group at the front page of the assignment. 9. Front page should have a title – e.g. “Examination of Marketing Mix, Positioning and Branding for brand X


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