Research and report on a current issue that affects children

Assignment details :

Report Research and report on a current issue that affects children’s learning and development in Australian primary schools today (e.g. gender inequity, social media, bullying, sexuality, media, hurried childhood). You should use relevant research literature to discuss the context and impact of current inclusive education policies, and how you will deal with this issue in your teaching practice. You should frame your report around child development theories and/or models (for example, Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory). You should choose two to three theories as the base and theoretical lens/theoretical approach in which to discuss the issue and your findings. Refer to the learning materials for further support in choosing and discussing relevant theories in your report. Ensure your report following contains the following components: Executive summary: a short, sharp summary of the whole report. Table of contents. Introduction: Introduce issue and theories framing your report. Rationale explaining the relevance of teachers having an understanding of these issues. Findings: Discusses key points of a current issue. Identifies factors contributing to the issue. Reports on the potential effects of the issue in relation to children’s learning and development in the primary school setting. Conclusion: include recommendations.


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