Research Investigation assignment

Research Investigation assignment

In this assignment, students will provide clarity on the implementation plan for the DNP Practice Innovation Project.  This posting should be no more than 5-6 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and be supported by 10-15 scholarly references. References may be from peer-reviewed journals within the past five years or textbooks (latest edition). Governmental websites such as the CDC, US Census Bureau, AHRQ may be used sparingly. Lay websites and publications may not be used.

In your own words, respond to the following:


DNP Projects typically fall info one of these categories:

  • Quality improvement
  •  Evidence-to-Practice Translation
  •  Practice based or clinical inquiry
  •  Program development and evaluation
  •  Policy
  1. Provide a definition, based on evidence, about the design that best fits your project. Discuss the specific points of your project that support use of the design. (The project design is Evidence-to-practice Translation)

Topic of the research: Impact of stigma on health-related quality of life using the screening tool SSCI-8)

  1. Find 5-7 articles that have a similar design. Discuss the overall design and implementation of each project. What implementation models did the projects follow? For example, if it is a QI project, did it use the PDSA cycle?
  2. In the articles that you read, discuss the nursing theoretical framework that served to underpin the project. How did the authors describe the usefulness of the nursing theoretical framework? What were the strengths and limitations of the nursing theory? If no nursing theoretical framework was discussed, simply say so.
  3. Discuss how you plan to implement your project. This discussion must include a step-by-step outline and time frame of what you plan to do during the implementation phase of the project.  This response must include a Gannt Chart.
  4. Provide a budget for the project. Identify one or two sources of grant opportunities to help fund your project.  Consider Sigma Theta Tau, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, state nursing organizations, regional nursing organizations, your local health systems.
  5. Define project sustainability (citing references and evidence) and discuss how your project fits your definition.
  6. Define social entrepreneurship and innovation. Citing specific examples, discuss how your project fits within the social entrepreneurship framework and is innovative.

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