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Research Proposal-700-800 words
Follow the directions below for the completion of the Research Proposal assignment on Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”.
The purpose of the Research Proposal is to mold the preliminary ideas you have about your topic and to develop them in an academic manner. This development occurs as a direct result of your research on the subject. Therefore, this is your first formal step towards your final Research Paper.
In this 700-800-word, Research Proposal, you will develop the plan you will use to craft your final Research Paper for this course. If your Research Proposal is less than this word count, then it is likely you have not fully developed your proposal or adhered to the assignment appropriately, which can severely impact your grade for this assignment. Your Research Proposal will include the elements listed below.
Your Research Proposal should adhere to MLA conventions throughout. For a sample Research Proposal, see the OWL at Purdue. Pay close attention to the example provided to get an idea of how to write your Research Proposal.

The research topic (one paragraph) -Briefly outline the area and topic of your research. Which text did you pick and what is your tentative thesis?
The contribution you will make (one paragraph)- This is your chance to show how you have arrived at your position and recognized the need for your research, and what it is that makes it important.
The sources and resources you will use- (one paragraph) What type of resources will you use? You might use the Troy Library, online databases, etc.
How the project will proceed (one paragraph)-Develop a timeline for your research paper.


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