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Within the homeschool community that we are a part of has exposed us to all different types philosophies and ideas related to how a family should live and raise their children. Everything from homesteading, to whole learning and even vaccinations are common topics of discussion. We know of some people who are strongly opposed to vaccines but most people understand their necessity. Since we have 4 children this is a subject that we have discussed a good bit. Our oldest child was adopted from China when she was 14 months old. We were given a list of vaccinations that she had in China but were advised to get all new vaccinations when we returned to the States. There was one day where she got hit with 5 shots which contained, I think, vaccines for 9 different illnesses. There were no side effects aside from the stuffy nose and leg soreness, but in retrospect, I would have preferred to space them out more rather than getting them all at one time.

Since then we have had 3 biological children and have agreed to be more cautious with when we allow our children to get vaccinated. We do believe in vaccinating but we have our own philosophy on when they should get those vaccinations. Part of that is driven by the understanding that while the vast majority of vaccines are safe there are rare instances that a person can experience negative side-affects. While those instances are very rare they do happen. Just because something is rare doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. So with that in mind, everything is done with input from our doctor about when the best time is to get vaccinated for certain illnesses and also what vaccines can be put off. We have carefully and thoughtfully evaluated the recommended vaccination schedule and then worked with our doctor on the actual schedule that we followed. That would be my recommendation to others



I have heard many different stories about how vaccinations can actually harm your child rather than help them. But with that being said, I had both of my kids vaccinated. They never suffered from any type of serious side effects. They may have ran a little fever for a little while after but that is it. Now, don’t get me wrong there are side effects to anything you take. But the chances of it actually happening are very slim. I honestly think this is just some scheme to make us parents think that if we do get our child vaccinated then there will be serious side effects.

I think that parents should decide if they want to get their child vaccinated on their own opinion and not that of a false news story. For instance, say you get the flu shot and end up getting the flu, then you may not want to get your child the flu shot because they could possibly get the flu. I bring up the flu shot because that did actually happen to my mom. It also happened to me, so I no longer get the flu shot, nor will I get my kids the flu shot because the one time I did, they ended up getting the flu. I guess what I am trying to say is that unless you know for certain that you will have side affects from it, I wouldnt take the chance of not getting it and your child getting sick


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