Review of Literature Annotated Bibliography Description

Review of Literature Annotated Bibliography Description

NUR 423 Global Health Care

Note: Follow your faculty’s specific directions per the type of course that you are taking                      (face-to-face, hybrid, online). Clarify any questions with your faculty.                                                          Always review the grading tool/rubric for course assignments.  

OVERVIEW of the Review of Literature (ROL)

This section will briefly overview the ROL. You need some general information about the ROL before you can proceed with your annotated bibliography assignment.                                                 After you review this overview, then focus on the “Annotated Bibliography” section with definition, resources, process, and grading.


  • Carefully review the Review of Literature Guidelines document that your faculty provides.
  • Addresses a variety of broad and general topic areas about your issue of interest and “the type” of community setting where you will spend time for your NUR 433 practicum.
  • Does not include information about the specific local community setting where you will be for your NUR 433 practicum. You will not discuss your specific local community setting until you complete your logs for the NUR 433 course.
SOURCES for the ROL:

  • Requires “gold standard” sources to inform and support your writing.
  • Means that you identify and use current, relevant, reliable, and credible professional peer-reviewed literature and research studies. Use primary sources (unless there is a valid reason to use a secondary source).
  • Means that you do not use magazines or other sources that do not meet those standards.
PROCESS for the ROL:

  • Carefully review the ROL Guidelines document.
  • Note the major headings (or topic areas) that your ROL needs to address. For example, you want to explore literature about the social, demographic, economic, political, legal, cultural, ethical, epidemiologic, health, and conflict factors, relevant Healthy People 2020 goals/objectives, etc.
  • Scroll down within the ROL Guidelines document to see the topic areas that the NUR 433 practicum logs will address. Be wise and use your NUR 423 ROL to prepare yourself in these topic areas.

Now, focus on the information about the Annotated Bibliography assignment. This bib begins your literature search for “gold standard” sources to inform and support your ROL. Faculty will provide feedback about your bib as you take your initial steps to begin your ROL. You will continue to add multiple sources as you write your ROL.

DEFINITIONS of an Annotated Bib:

·        An annotation is a summary and/or evaluation.

·        An annotated bibliography includes a summary and/or evaluation of sources that you select to include in your bib.

RESOURCES: Here are some resources to guide your annotated bib work.

Visit this link for information and process of annotation @

Visit this link for additional information @

Visit this link for a brief sample @

Visit these links for Library resources:

General Library @

Health professions guide @


  • Begin your ROL: locate, review, and annotate 5 “gold standard” peer-reviewed journal sources to inform and support your ROL paper.
  • Use the four steps listed below to develop your annotated bib:                                          document reference for source, summarize, assess, and reflect.

Directions:                                                                                                                                                Copy and paste these directions into a Word document to create your annotated bibliography.             Use the wording of the four steps below as your headings.                                                                                                         Write one paragraph for each of the steps.                                                                                  Write one page for each of your five journal sources.

  1. Write complete reference for the source
  2. Summarize the source
  3. Assess/evaluate the source
  4. Reflect about the use of the source in your NUR 423 Review of Literature (ROL)
GRADING: Faculty will provide feedback about your annotated bib. Faculty will grade the student’s annotated bib work within the Review of Literature Evaluation Rubric.

423 Review of Literature Annotated Bibliography Description (0812, 1213, 1115)


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