Role of Cultural Differences in Psychological Research

Role of Cultural Differences in Psychological Research

In this assignment, you will study the role of cultural and gender differences in psychological research.

Using the Internet, research how cultural differences impact research.Interactions across environments, genders, and cultures are common in psychological research. Researchers must be competent about how subjects may perceive their actions and behaviors.

Consider the following scenarios and comment on how the subject in each scenario may perceive the behaviors of the researcher:

  • A twenty-five-year-old female researcher is conducting an interview with a sixty-eight-year-old male. In the middle of the interview, she receives a text message and responds to it.
  • A thirty-seven-year-old, white, male researcher is investigating the changes in African-American women’s career aspirations by surveying women on college campuses.
  • A forty-six-year-old East Asian female is studying the experiences of teen-aged boys in a predominately Latino neighborhood by conducting interviews.
  • A twenty-three-year-old Middle Eastern male is using interviews to investigate the political views of corporate leaders.

Submission Details:

  1. Cite all sources in APA format.
  2. Submit a Microsoft Document.

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