Scars that form at a wound site growing beyond the normal boundaries of the wound are

A second-class physician in Chinese medicine:

a. pays the patient’s family if the patient dies.

b. has to wait for patients to become ill before treating them.

c. consults Taoist writings for diagnosis and prescription.

d. receives payment only if the patient is cured.

The health and disease beliefs in Ayurveda teach that

a. humans are distinct beings within the universe.

b. disease arises when a person is out of harmony with the universe.

c. at birth, people are not in balance and their lives are spent getting into balance with the universe.

d. living and nonliving things have minor connections with one another.

Feeling the pulse is important for a Chinese physician because it

a. can help refine a diagnosis.

b. is only felt on the wrist.

c. indicates a specific treatment.

d. is considered the storehouse of the blood.

In acupuncture, needles are inserted at predetermined points called meridians because

a. puncturing the meridians helps to restore yin and yang balance.

b. the best anesthetic response is done through meridian puncture.

c. meridians represent specific yin and yang points.

d. only specific needles can puncture the meridians.

While Blacks are represented in every socio-economic group, the percentage of those living in poverty in 2005 was approximately

a. thirty percent.

b. twenty percent.

c. fifty percent.

d. twenty-five percent.

Speaking a language other than English at home is highest among immigrants from

a. Nigeria.

b. Somalia.

c. Sudan.

d. Niger.

A diabetic Muslim may refuse insulin

a. because it implies the person has not led a holy life.

b. because any injectable medication is forbidden.

c. during Ramadan.

d. if it has a pork base.

The leading authority figure within the Black familial structure is the

a. oldest adult child.

b. female.

c. male.

d. minister.

When a Black person is being examined, skin pallor can be recognized by

a. palpation.

b. checking the sclera.

c. the absence of underlying red tones.

d. slow blood return.

Scars that form at a wound site growing beyond the normal boundaries of the wound are

a. melasma.

b. pseudofolliculitis.

c. keloids.

d. a pigmentary disorder.



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