Select a theme focusing on artistic artifacts from prehistory

Select a theme focusing on artistic artifacts from prehistory to 1400 looking at ties between these cultures and the contemporary world. For example, you might explore classical Greek architecture and its parallels to more recent architecture. Or, you might examine Gothic cathedrals and address their parallels in today’s world. The idea is to discuss the influences of these now ancient cultures on contemporary symbolism and culture.

In a paragraph, explain why you chose this theme that you might explore. Discern whether you will be able to find sufficient research material to organize an exhibition around this artist and possible topic. List at least 2 of your scholarly references with a brief sentence or two describing the content of each one. Your professor will provide feedback.

IMPORTANT: This class covers Western Art from the Paleolithic period through the end of the Gothic era (23,000BCE-1400CE). Therefor projects need to be constrained to western art from those periods.

Deliverables: MUST HAVE!!!

Statement of Interest and a Possible Thesis Statement

2 Scholarly References Cited in MLA format

Critical analysis of the sources presented


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