Select one of these diseases

Select one of these diseases.

List of Possible Topics:

1. Cancer (select a specific type)


3. Multiple Sclerosis

4. Spinal cord injuries

5. Parkinson’s disease

6. Cirrhosis

7. Huntington’s disease

8. Sickle Cell disease

9. Tuberculosis

You will pick a disease for your pathophysiology paper. Select a disease from current events that is an emerging or reemerging concern to you or people in your area. Provide local epidemiological data for the disease.

The paper must be in APA format and 3-5 pages.

Your paper must include:

Introduction to the disease and the organ system (history, signs, symptoms, epidemiology etc.)

Discussion of the normal anatomy and physiology of the organ system involved (cell and tissue populations involved, organs, primary functions, connections to other body systems)

Discussion of the changes to the anatomy and physiology as a result of the disease (pathophysiology)

Discussion of treatment/prevention options

3 primary and at least 2 secondary scholarly sources


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